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“The doctors and staff at SF Star Dental have excellent customer service and are very professional. Dr. Young has been my doctor for several years. I'm a technical person and if you ask Dr. Young questions, he'll answer it and also provide you with additional valuable knowledge about dental care. I'm glad to have Dr. Young as my dentist who takes time to get to know you and build a relationship with you. I would recommend Dr. Young to anyone who is looking for dentist who truly cares about your well being.”
Peter L.

“In all honesty, I am not a fan of going to the dentist. I would always try to avoid seeing the dentist as much as possible. But knowing that I needed some dental work, I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Young because a friend of mine recommended him. My 1st visit with Dr. Young, he was professional and very patient. He answered all my questions and concerns I had during my exam and help create a plan that would be time efficient and painless as possible. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Young and his staff to anyone who’s looking for knowledgeable advice and professional dental work.”
Victor L.

“Top notch care and always very efficient. The entire staff is always very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Young and his staff have taken care of my oral health for almost a decade now and I highly recommend them and could not be more pleased.”
Clifford N.

“I always happy and satisfied. Doctors doing a great job every time. Staff are very friendly and perfection.”
Wendy S.

“Very happy with Dr. Young and his staff. Everyone is professional and always thoughtful in interactions with me. I am always incredibly nervous and anxious about the dentist and have avoided it whenever possible. They handled everything with patience and respect. I highly recommend Dr. Young for all experiences good and bad reasons for visit will be positive experience results.”
Stephanie S.

“Easy follow up for a procedure I had done to repair an older filling. Everything looks and feels great. The staff is super friendly and the doctor explains things clearly. A great dentist!”
Alissa S.

“Great. Very educational. Helpful to review rubber tip technique. Front staff helped engage my young daughter who attended with me for the first time.”
Heather M.

You are all truly wonderful! The lidocaine has just worn off from today's visit and I'm beginning to feel great about my teeth. They have been getting better and better since you're all given me care. I have been ashamed of them for 30 years and now I actually am beginning to like my teeth. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Bless you.

T. Z.

Thank you so much for making the best dentures I'vd ever had. You are a perfectionist. You dont overlook the smallest details. Your rates are very reasonable. You care less about money than making your patient happy, healthy and good looking. I asked your receptionists for some business cards to give to my friends. I would recommend you to anybody. You are the best dentist I've had in my life, and I have had quite a few of them

Piara A.

I want to Thank You, Dr. Young for helping me take such good care of my teeth, especially in my time of need. I also want to thank your wonderful staff for being so patient with me and helping me obtain my appointment

Teresa M.

Thank you Dr. Young for not only being a great dentist, but a good friend!

Sabrina & Vincent B.

Thanks for helping me to overcome my long time fear of the dentist...I never thought I'd say this, but I look forward to seeing you next time!

Donna H.

Thank you for being such a talented and enthusiastic dentist! You have always taken such great care of my family and me."

Jessica D.

...I have to once again tell you that this summer at the "Dentist Office" was a wonderful experience for me. First of all, Katie-without your understanding and encouraging voice at the other end of the phone the first time I called I probably would have been full of tears to come. You seem to know what I was feeling. You are a remarkable woman. You continued to guide me through your gentle encouragement all summer. Thank you! Dr. Young-words can hardly express the respect I have for you! You truly gave me back my smile. Everyday I feel blessed to have my smile to share my happiness and love for the world. You are so understanding and talented. I thank God through our beloved Jesus Christ for bringing you both into my life. I look forward to sending other people to you Dr. Young because you are the best Dentist anyone could pray for, God bless all of you!


I am in Florida working with Equinox and everything is goin very well. I get compliments several times a week on how beautiful my teeth are. I tell everyone that is because I have a great dentist. Thank you so much for giving me back a beautiful smile.


Thank you for being the best dentist I've been to in 50 years! Your enthusiasm and obvious love of what you do really inspires me to take better care of my teeth.
I also want to thank you for your extreme patience in dealing with such a "scared of dentist", somewhat stressed out patient-me! I have great respect for your professionalism but especially appreciate your kindness.

Your Phobic Patient: Susan C. =)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Dr. Young:
I want you to know how much I appreciate your professional service as well as the friendly and professional treatment by you staff. As you know I was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia on a Friday night when I had a dental emergency. 1-800-DENTIST referred me to you. Previously I had talked to a couple of other dentists and they had told me they would not be able to help me until Monday.
On Saturday morning, I was feeling frustrated with my situation and had decided not to pursue the matter until I returned home. Of course traveling back to Atlanta with a missing front tooth would be a very embarrassing situation.
Candy called shortly after you open your office on Saturday morning. She asked very probing questions that helped you and her to assess my situation and to determine that you would be able to help me. After the pleasant conversation with Candy, I decided to pursue your professional assistance. When we arrived at your office, your staff was extremely friendly and made me and my friend Jack O’Donnell from Moraga, California feel welcomed and comfortable.
I appreciated your professional work in providing me with a temporary fix to my dental problem.
Lastly I gave you the highest endorsement on a survey from 1-800-DENTIST. I highly recommend your services.
My only regret is that I lived probably 3000 miles from you and therefore are unable to return to you for future dental care.

Forrest Jack Lance

I’m a senior citizen and all of my life I have had this fear of dentist, to the extent of having to take valium for procedures. I explained this to Dr. Young. He listened. Then in a very calm manner, he said, “Dorothy you will not have to take valium with me.” Dr. Young is a person that does not intimidate you. He a person that you feel that you have known for years. He explains as he works. Tells you what to expect. Quite gentle with procedures. I never have experienced this with any dentist. I’m always looking forward to the next visit. Not only is he pleasant his entire staff is that way. Thank God for you.

Dorothy J


“ Well, I met this office about 2 months ago and they changed my life because they take care of my teeth and made happy when I smile. I really recommend for everybody and I promise good and excellent experience. 5 stars! “

Rafael Besse

S.F. Star Dental is the best place to receive treatment or visit your doctor for a check-in. The staff is professional, polite and nice. They are always willing to help you out or answer any question. I have had a great experience, not only by receiving treatment for some condition but prophylaxis was part of my care plan.
Thank you SF Star Dental for all support and kindness.


Dr. Young & Staff

I’m writing this letter regarding Dr. Young for his excellent work & professional approached.

From the beginning to the end he was explaining me how to protect my tooth in excellent conditions for the rest of my life. He was showing me pictures and x-rays of different patients. In addition he was advising me to floss, clean & rinse properly.

After a long discussion with Dr. Young I was told that I need some procedures I was doubtful and almost decide not to see him. Then after a long discussion with my husband I make my mind to go ahead with the Dr advice.

Finally he started working on my tooth very patiently & with a lot of care. Within two weeks time I see a great result & a beautiful smile in front of my eyes. In short I highly recommend Dr. Young & the entire staff to anybody.




Love the doctor! Friendly staff! I highly recommend !

Stephanie, Temecula

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